Walnut – Rack Straps


This is your key tool for MacGyvering stuff onto your bike.

Leather belts are a more structurally sound way to secure items to your bike because there’s less flex.

Bungee cords are perfect for lightweight and soft items but when you’ve got a serious, heavy load to carry, like a sloshing half rack of beer or a full cooler, then leather belts are what you want to hold the load secure.
In other words, we don’t hold our pants up with elastic cords because you can still get pantsed!

Two buckling leather straps with many eyelets running the length are versatile enough that you can strap down something of just about any size to your bike (shown here with a growler).

Two belts can be daisy-chained together for extra-large objects. Or wrap one around your pant-leg to keep it off the greased chain. Keep one on your bike and let your imagination come up with new uses.

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