tokyobike can become an e-bike

Keen to get an electric bike that has beautiful design, great speed and the ability to remove the battery  when you want to use it as a regular bike without the added weight.

If you need a little bit more assistance getting up hills, need to lengthen your commute or want to arrive at your destination fresh as a daisy? tokyobike can become an e-bike.

With so much talk about e-bikes, we can get asked frequently about electric options and we’re delighted to let you know that tokyobike can become an e-bike when fitted with the awesome Lekkie 

Lekkie is a New Zealand company & we work closely with cyco bikestore in Kingsland – (who do all our tokyobike servicing) they are the registered Lekkie installer in the Neighbourhood.   The super friendly & knowledgeable staff would custom fit the Lekkie onto your chosen tokyobike.

Keen to try a tokyobike e-bike?

We’ve got a test ride tokyobike Bisou instore or give us a call to discuss the pricing